Black Rock Primary School - Conclusion from the Author

Conclusion from the Author

In concluding this history I would like to pay tribute to the Black Rock School Community.

From the records and from my personal experiences it is obvious that parents at Black Rock have always been enthusiastic, energetic and vitally interested in the education of their children.

Not only have they given tremendous support to the staff in many and varied roles but they have also suggested initiatives to improve the school.

The efforts and achievements of the office-bearers and members of the School Council and the Parents' Association, the managers and support workers operating the Canteen, Uniform Shop and Class Parents' Scheme, and the volunteers at the Working Bees, excursions and all the other countless activities have been amazing, and deserve to be recognised.

Another subjective opinion of mine is that over the years BRPS has attracted more than its quota of outstanding and dedicated teachers and non-teaching staff, who have contributed to the wonderful ethos and great reputation that the school enjoys.

They too deserve their share of praise.

And of course the children.

There were times when they were not all "little angels" but the problems were relatively few especially when compared to most other schools.

The many delightful and treasured memories they have provided will ensure that Black Rock will always be special to me.

Ian Gatliff 
Principal (1984 - 91)

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