Black Rock Primary School - Letter from the Principal



Letter from the Principal

On behalf of the students, parents and staff at Black Rock Primary School I would like to welcome you to our website.

Black Rock Primary School is located in Arkaringa Crescent, Black Rock which is a South-Eastern suburb of Melbourne. The school is situated in a unique bayside setting. It is bordered by Port Phillip Bay to the west and Royal Melbourne and Sandringham Golf Clubs to the east. The environment is secure for its students and provides excellent recreational and sporting facilities with its adventure playgrounds and full - sized oval.

Black Rock Primary School takes pride in providing an exciting and stimulating environment that equips each child to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. The community works in partnership to provide a safe, caring and challenging environment with a commitment to the physical and mental wellbeing of our students.

The following values are seen as being central to life at our school and we attempt to apply these in our everyday dealings with each other and in the development of our programs and policies:

Respect - Recognising and accepting the differences in ability, race, religion and beliefs of others
Relationships - Strong relationships between all members of the school community are developed
Teamwork - Learning together to achieve the best possible outcomes for all
Learning - Developing and acquiring knowledge, skills, values and attitudes
Innovation - Transferring of learning into new and creative ideas
Environmentalism - Commitment to sustainable futures

The school's learning and teaching programs are based on the belief that every student has the ability and the right to develop and progress at his/her own rate and to learn in an independent and happy environment. Students are encouraged to take risks with their learning, to be independent thinkers and to display initiative. Cooperation and teamwork are valued and the school has high expectations of its students in their academic, creative and physical endeavours.

A strong emphasis is placed on achievement in both English and Mathematics, whilst at the same time providing a rounded curriculum in each of the other Victorian Curriculum Learning Areas and Capabilities through an Inquiry Learning approach. In recognition of the importance of a sound foundation for students we have incorporated structured Literacy and Numeracy Programs into our instructional routines.  

A range of structures and programs to cater for individual differences are in place at the school, with personalised, targeted learning that promotes learning growth as a focus. Literacy Support and Maths Intervention programs are provided and technology is used extensively across the school as a learning tool and to support differing abilities and particular needs and talents.

All students participate in the specialist programs of LOTE (Chinese), Visual Art, Performing Arts and Physical Education. An engaging Music/Performing Arts program which offers experiences in junior and senior choir, musical instruments and performances (including a bi-annual concert) for all students. We even have our own student band, “The Black Rockers” and a green room filming studio with state of the art equipment. Our Library/Resource Centre is comprehensive with access to the facility and a trained librarian available to all students.

Co- and extra-curricular programs such as intensive swimming, Perceptual Motor Program, Life Education, camps, Interschool Sport, Cross Age Tutoring, Intervention Programs, Prep Buddies, Concerts, incursions and excursions, safety and traffic education (to name a few!) provide a well-rounded educational experience.

An excellent Out Of School Hours Program provides support for parents and also provides a wide variety of activities for children attending the program.

Black Rock Primary School is proud of the friendly cooperative spirit between parents and staff and all members of the school community are committed to a team approach to achieve the best possible outcomes for all of our students.

I would be delighted to meet any prospective parents. Please call the school office on 9598 2293 to arrange a tour.