Black Rock Primary School - Committees




Education Policy Sub-committee

The purpose of the education policy sub-committee is developing the educational policy for school council including camps and excursions, student welfare, student leadership and professional development.

It may also involve developing school wide policies such as:

  • Occupational health and safety, anti-discrimination and integration policies;
  • Possibly monitoring the implementation of the strategic plan; and,
  • Reviewing school data such as AIM assessment, school level data. 

Education Events Sub-committee

The purpose of the educational events subcommittee is to develop and organise special events, such as Education Week, Book Week and the ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day Services, as well as to enhance the school community. 

Finance Sub-committee

The purpose of the finance sub committee is to: 

  • Develop the school's annual budget with the help of the principal
  • Ensure that the annual budget supports the school strategic plan
  • Present the recommended budget to council for approval and adoption
  • Regularly monitor and report to council on progress against the budget
  • Ensure there is an adequate internal control system to promote operational efficiency and to minimise financial risk
  • Ensure that the school has an appropriate investment policy and that this policy is approved by council annually
  • Monitor the status of investments
  • Assist in the completion of the Summary of Financial Commitments which is required by DEECD annually, and in determining the level of uncommitted reserves
  • Make recommendations to council on fund-raising activities and liaise with the school groups concerned with these activities
  • Where required, assist in the completion of school tenders e.g. cleaning contracts, waste removal contracts, school council building contracts
  • Review the annual audited financial statement and the auditor's report and assist with follow-up where appropriate
  • Assist the principal in ensuring that the school operates to a balanced budget and that all liabilities and financial commitments are brought to account in the relevant year. 

Buildings and Grounds Sub-committee

The purpose of the building and grounds subcommittee is:

  • The planning and developing the school's facilities such as its buildings and grounds;
  • The organising working bees and other actions to maintain or improve the appearance of the school; and,
  • To provide advice to school council on external groups who may be using the school's facilities. 

Marketing Sub-committee

The purpose of the marketing subcommittee is to develop ways for the school to:

  • Work more actively with its community, including parents and carers and the wider community;
  • Develop fund raising activities for the school, including sponsorship for school events; and
  • Developing school functions to build the school community. 

Fundraising Sub-committee

In accordance with Part 4 Division 2 Regulation 48 of Education and Training Reform Regulations 2007, the members of the school community of a Government school may undertake fundraising activities, having as their objective the establishment or augmentation of school funds or funds for a particular school purpose, if the agreement of the School Council is first obtained.

The Fundraising Committee is made up of the Class Parent Representatives or their delegate and meet to propose a draft of activities for the following year. 

Sustainability Sub-committee

The purpose of the sustainability committee is to develop ways for the school to:

  •  Help our school and students benefit from embedding sustainability in everything we do.
  • To take action to minimise waste, save energy and water, promote biodiversity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • To help integrate sustainability into all areas of the curriculum.

Wellbeing Sub-committee

The Wellbeing committee is responsible for implementing and supporting wellbeing strategies across the school. This will include teaching skills that are relevant to our students needs and ensuring wellbeing policies are current and in place. 

Junior School Council

The Junior School Council is another area of opportunity for students to experience leadership, and have input into the development, of our school.

Two children from each grade from Year 2 to Year 5 are elected by their peers for a 6 month term of office. The School Captains are automatically included and are expected to lead the JSC meetings as part of their leadership role. The Prep and Year 1 children are represented by the Year 6 and 5 children.

The Junior School Council meets once per month and is chaired by the School Captains. They discuss any issues raised by the children of the various grades, as well as performing a range of mainly social activities around the school.